Who are we?

We’re new to the fold so I’m sure you’re all wondering what Slip Wheel is and where the hell did we come from?

At the base of it we’re a group of Ex lifestyler, scene kids with aired out cars coming to our senses by buying a couple Datsuns and a Dorito to give some slips a go.



Slip Wheel is our outlet. A place where we can provide cool merch, cover events we attend and share awesome cars we find along the way.

Because of our background, for us drifting isn’t just about the driving (You can take the kid out of the scene but you cant take the scene out of the kid after all). For us, you could be a Dori hero, but if your car looks wank we turn off.
Its not to say we don’t love to see incredible driving, because we do! It’s just difficult to truly enjoy an incredible tandem if the cars don’t look Japan as F**K.



We’re dedicated to Bringing you products that can make you & you cars look JDM YO IRL.



Bear with us, we’re still building the team cars and we’ve a hell of a lot on the way.

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