SW – Drift Matsuri


This weekend we decided to take the three hour drive over to the Anglsey Circuit for our first taste of Drift Matsuri.

Honestly we had no clue what to expect but we were blown away by absolutely every part of this event.
Throughout the entire day we were kicking ourselves for having come over in the D-TEC YO Accord and not the skidders.



We arrived around 11am, passed a dodgy looking man at the gate copious amounts of money and dumped the ‘Cord on a hill to take a look around the place.



Matsuri was set up around three tracks; Big track, Touge and The Hairpin.
Each track ran incredibly smoothly and seemed as though the drivers got unlimited seat time with a whole spectrum of driving ability / styles.



The cars were on point! Even the bimmers were hitting the mark when it came to styling.




Speaking on behalf of the group, we were blown away by the atmosphere, walking through the pits talking to drivers we got a real feel for what people were there for. Fun.

There was even a drift trike track up the top end that we had to have a few slips on. So much fun I think we may need to build some for ourselves!


We saw a lot of near misses, intense spins and brutal dirt drops but all in all we were cheering and screaming in excitement all day.


Matsuri ended with a night show where all the bdc drivers strapped neons, strobes and flood lights to their cars, headed out on track in the pitch black & showed everyone a good time.

An incredible event that we’re putting in the diary for next year to get out on track.
If you’ve never been then make sure you take the trip in 2016.



Photography – Sean Malone

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