Dori Labs – Crew Feels


If you don’t know about Dori Labs, where have you been? We’re huge fans of the Dori Lab boys so we had to feature Dan & Kyle and their new look.

Dori Labs are a group of drifters based in Glasgow, Scotland. Best known for their super low street style Zenki’s, however the group originated as an online drift team on a p.c racing sim called “Live For Speed” back in 2009. As the group grew, they decided to move Dori Labs from just a group of mates online into a media outlet and then ultimately into the drift team you see today.



The SW team have seen Dori Labs as a huge inspiration in the UK drift scene with their shared views on drifting being all about that aggressive and style driven drifting, making them people we can really relate to.

“We are lucky to have such a venue as Driftland right on our door step and we are 100% grateful but in my personal opinion there are a lot of people who forget that a large part of drifting is style.”


We all know that everyone strives to be part of a crew with drifting, seeing multiple cars hitting the same line in the same colours and livery is always awesome to watch. Dori labs has something a little different with this being made up of 4 Zenki’s, something that wasn’t originally planned but happened naturally and has helped to catch peoples attention.

For Dan & Kyle, the 200sx was an easy choice with the huge range of styling and performance parts available on the market it meant they could pick and choose exactly what they wanted. Dan has owned his Zenki for around 3 years now and told us its been constant work (typical s-body). He’s already on his second engine, gearbox & shell! You’ve probably seen the couple of different looks it’s had floating around on the net. Kyle’s had his for 2 years now and just like Dan’s its been through a lot of work.



We all know how much work can go into these amazing street builds and the SW team love every bit of detail. We asked Dan & Kyle what their favourite part of the build was. Dan told us “The fact I finally have paint and the mad Dishy wheels” and Kyle couldn’t pick just one thing saying “Everything works together to make the car the way it is”.

“When I first bought the car me and Danny flew down to London area to buy the car and drove it 8 hours back up the road with no working windows, no interior bar seats and a dash board, no heater, no window washer jets and a bent track rod. It was one of the more sketchy drives we have done.”

Although Dori Labs haven’t decided on whether to drive at any main events this year, they are planning to get in as much seat time in as possible to up their twinning game. They told us the main thing they like to see from drifting is aggressive driving, big flicks and a high standard of cars. We’d say they’ve nailed that between them and we really look forward to seeing them throw down some top driving throughout the year, maybe even get chance to get on their doors!





Dan’s Zenki


  • vertex front bumper and skirts
  • M sport rear bumper
  • D-Max roof lip, Kouki rear wing
  • BN Sport wider front wings
  • +50 rear overfenders
  • Custom vented bonnet
  • Ganador style mirrors


  • geomaster front hubs and tension rod
  • Custom +25mm lower arms
  • Nismo power brace
  • All rear adjustable arms
  • BC Racing coilovers


  • Front 18×10 et20 weds kranze Cerberus w/ 25mm spacer
  • Rear 18×12 et-1 SSR Gartmier


  • bride brix drivers seat,
  • Driftworks harness
  • Full 6 point weld in roll cage


  • 750cc injectors
  • z32 maf
  • 38mm vband external waste gate
  • Horsham manifold modified for external gate
  • Greddy protect b spec 2
  • Custom 3″ exhaust
  • Horsham custom map to 340 hp

Kyle’s Zenki


  • vertex front bumper and skirts
  • M sport rear bumper
  • D-Max boot spoiler
  • Super made wider front wings
  • +50 rear overfenders
  • D-max bonnet
  • Ganador style mirrors


  • geomaster front hubs and tension rod.
  • Dw adjustable front lower arms
  • All Dw rear adjustable arms
  • Cs2 coilovers


  • Front 18×10 et20 weds kranze Cerberus w/ 25mm spacer.
  • Rear 18×11 et11 SSR Minervas w/ 25mm spacer


  • bride brix drivers seat
  • Takata harness
  • Rear 4 point bolt in roll cage


  • front mount
  • fuel pump
  • exhaust
  • tubular manifold.
  • Gizmo boost controller
  • Horsham custom map to 320 hp


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